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“I’ve decided to begin publishing my stories as all of my friends believe that such ‘alive plots’ would have been a pity to remain unread.I am passionate about sci-fi, time travel and everything that can make you escape daily routine.”

Many times i was finding myself surprisingly excited when my husband and i was watching paranormal activity or funny stuff about time travel. That was only the beginning of discovering so many worlds inside my head that began to twist and awaken.It’s been several years from now when i realized i have many universes to tell.

That’s when my dearest friend, Simone, convinced me to go and publish it.

I love to travel, to eat, to discover, to create, to laugh and to live. My worst nightmare is being trapped into a boring life. I believe there is so much more than we know out there. Let’s call it sci-fi, for disclosure reasons.

I get entertained by new information and i think that mind works like a parachute. You should have yours opened for better purpose.

It’s so funny that will make you laugh. I’m working in getting my Ph.D in the opposite domain of creativeness : IT. Let’s say i have a complex mind, but i use it in a creative way. I don’t know why Jopoto Publishing asked me this question … haha !

Well… if i tell you i would have to kill you! So i think that you prefer to get that answer after i leave this world! hehe!

I am working with my team of editors to get publish the series: ” out of time”

  • 1st book : “the disease”
  • 2nd book: title will be revealed
  • 3rd book:  title will be revealed
  • 4st book: title will be revealed
  • 5st book: title will be revealed .

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Running out of time:
1st book coming out

by Elisabeth Martin